Why You Need A Professional Web Company

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

You Want Your Business To Be Taken Seriously

Web design has come a long way and new tools have made it easier for people and businesses to make their own websites. These tools are great for people who don’t know a thing about web design because they enable them to make websites, regardless of how flawed they may be. For websites that are for fun or for personal use, that’s great, but for a business, especially one that wants to be taken seriously, it can be a disaster. And a lot of business owners are taking it upon themselves to create their own websites. I will agree that the business owner knows best what services and messages to get across, but when it comes to the development, business owners need to consider why they need a professional web company to do it. The reason you take your car to be fixed by a mechanic or your taxes to be done by an accountant is because they have a set of skills and experience that you do not. This goes for web development also.

You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes when people’s cars break down they’ll take them to a backyard mechanic to save a few bucks. Something we see all too common in the web development industry are companies who use what we call “backyard” web developers. These are the nephews who are good with computers, the friends that are taking HTML classes or the developers using content-management systems(CMS). These are the backyard developers that are typically cheaper but do not offer the experience or knowledge of a professional web developer. In the end, you get what you pay for.

It May Not Be As Good As You Think

With these new DIY tools and CMSs, a lot of businesses take it upon themselves to create their own company website. They fumble their way through a rigid drag and drop editor until they have something that looks good enough. What a lot of businesses don’t take into account is that these bloated and vulnerable CMSs have inherent problems that range from slow load speeds to security flaws. So while it may be cheaper and have a low bar of entry, these flaws (technical, aesthetic and in overall functionality) can affect how users and Google perceive your website. Not to mention that tomorrow a CMS could stop all support and even close up shop; Some CMSs don’t even have a way for you to get a copy of your website.

The Solution: Get A Professional Web Developer

A comprehensive web company, like Xponex Marketing, can take your company and website to the next level. Don’t get burned by the backyard developers and CMS developers, get the real deal by going to a real web company. A company that builds your website from the ground up, using strict industry standards and knows how to optimize and present your company in the best and most pleasing way. Your website is the foundation of your online presence and digital marketing, and it doesn’t stop there. Check out some of Xponex’s comprehensive web & marketing services in Southwest Ohio, because your company deserves the best.

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